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Doggy Daycare Services

Safe, Structured Indoor/Outdoor Play for Every Pup

Bored and lonely dogs can become destructive. If your dog sitter cancels at the last minute, don’t lose hope. Take your four-legged friend to SkyDance’s doggy daycare instead. Our spacious crate-free facilities give dogs a place to stretch their legs and play to their hearts' content. Whether your pup is there for a full day or just half a day, we can make sure your dog returns home well-exercised and happy.

Our professional First Aid and CPR certified caretakers are trained to handle a variety of temperaments, including aggressive dogs, dogs with separation anxiety and dogs with medical issues. We create small playgroups for dogs based on age, size and temperament, so you never have to worry about your shy dog dealing with a rougher playmate. By the end of the day, your dog will be tired but happy to see you again after a great day at SkyDance.

Stay at One of Our TWO Locations