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Dog owners are all too familiar with shedding, dandruff and that “wet dog smell”—all of the realities that come with having a canine buddy. SkyDance offers professional grooming and spa services for dogs all over Southeast Wisconsin. Even if your dog hasn’t waded into a pond or splashed through mud lately, nothing boosts your pup's hygiene and happiness like a luxurious spa session. Our grooming services will make your dog look and feel like a brand new pooch.

Our dog grooming services range from a basic nail trim to teeth brushing to a massage with aromatherapy. A full grooming session includes a bath, conditioner, blow dry, fur cut, ear cleaning and more, allowing you to pamper your pup from head to toe. Our first aid and CPR trained staff use all-natural dog shampoos and conditioners for a clean feel your dog will love.

The groomers at SkyDance welcome all sorts of dogs—purebred or mixed, outgoing or anxious. We have the tools and training to keep anxious dogs relaxed and comfortable throughout the session. We can accommodate your dog’s needs, no matter how specific.

Contact Sky Dance today to get started or questions about your dog's grooming session.

Stay at One of Our TWO Locations