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Professional Dog Training

Individualized Dog Training to Fit your Family

At SkyDance, we provide a highly personalized training experience based on your dog's unique personality. Whether you participate in our Play and Train program or attend One-on-One sessions, your dog will be learning commands tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle with training methods built to suit your dog's motivational preferences.

As your pup progresses through our program, you will be provided with personalized training plans, quick training games, and other resources to help the whole family, and fido, be successful. Our training team is composed of experienced and motivated individuals willing to work on any challenge. Puppy training and basic obedience are common jobs for us; however, we also specialize in and enjoy tackling more challenging behavioral issues. Our team has trained dogs in our program and at local shelters with severe behavioral challenges such as anxiety, human aggression, dog aggression, trauma, and mental challenges like OCD and pica.

The SkyDance training program is built on a solid foundation of knowledge regarding psychology, behavioral analysis, breed traits, and best practice training methodology from all disciplines. We focus on positive training methods, but our approach varies from dog to dog based on our evaluation of each client's pet, personality, and lifestyle. This individualized, least force necessary method, allows us to build your dog’s skill set into habits that will mesh seamlessly into your home and activities 

PLAY AND TRAIN:  $40 (Add On) 


ONE-ON-ONE: $100




Stay at One of Our TWO Locations