Dog Boarding

Your Pup Will Love It Here

Amazing expansive windows in every room provide a tail wagging connection to nature’s beauty within the kettle moraine forest.

Nearby, you have Ottawa Lake and the trails all to yourself for long, hushed meanders. The sun traces a low arc across the sky and you wander paths suffused with the last deep colors of the season in blissful solitude.

Please Note

  • All social dogs will be evaluated at check-in for temperament, size, age and activity level to find the appropriate play group.
  • All pups over 1 year must be spayed or neutered to participate in group play.
  • A free trial day is available for all first time dogs – please inquire with a pack leader to schedule your pup’s first day.
  • Extended-stay discounts are available when boarding over two weeks (14 days).
  • Please inquire with the management team regarding special-need dogs (ACL recovery, major medical recovery, social issues with people or other dogs).
  • Prices subject to change.

No Way Out

Sometimes no way out is the way to go. If your pup is a fence climber, digger or jumper please inform us and we will reserve your choice of room within our largest court-play parks.

Dog Boarding Options

Unlimited Suites, Unlimited Rooms and Basic Rooms

Unlimited Suites


Penthouse Suite

DAY: $231.99
Second guest: FREE
Third guest: $36.99


Grand Suite

DAY: $136.99
Second guest: FREE
Third guest: $36.99

Unlimited Rooms


Extra Large Suite

DAY: $96.99
Second guest: FREE
Third guest: $36.99


Large Suite

DAY: $91.99
Second guest: FREE
Third guest: $36.99


Double Room

DAY: $48.99
Second guest: $36.95
Third guest: $26.99


Single Room

DAY: $43.99
Second guest: $36.99 
Third guest: $26.99

Basic Rooms


Double Room

DAY: $39.99
Second guest: $28.99
Third guest: $28.99


Single Room

DAY: $35.99
Second guest: $28.99
Third guest: $28.99

Pup’s Vacation Bag Checklist

Pre-packaged Food

Pup’s food must be pre-packaged, per meal, in zipock bags or a $10.00 fee will be applied. Canned food can remain in the original container.


Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies vaccination papers must be emailed or faxed from your vet prior to arrival (262-965-5751).


Medications & vitamins need to remain in the original container or package, not in food bags.


Hard toys are welcome: kongs, nylabones, hard chews, etc. Please leave rope, squeekie and soft toys at home for safety reasons.


Treats, bones & rawhides are encouraged. We also offer our “SkyDance Snack of the Day” and “Bed Time Snack”.


For your pup’s comfort, please leave all blankets, bedding and pillows at home as we supply all of your pup’s needs. This enables your pup to have fresh, dry bedding daily.


Please leave bowls and dishes at home. We use our own stainless steel dishes which are washed daily.

Vacation bags are available for $9.95. Pack all your pup’s items inside and receive $2.00 off every stay. Seresto collars are available for 8 month tick prevention.