Doggy Day Care

Run, play, socialize and have fun all day in our play parks.

Safe, Structured Play.

At Skydance we pride ourselves on our structured play. Each dog is individually matched with friends in a small, personally tailored play group, by size, age, temperament and activity level to best suit their needs. Every pup has their own personal cabin for naps and quiet relaxation throughout the day. Our structured play method allows for the best of both worlds, playtime and quiet time so your pooch returns home well exercised and happy. 3 acres of outdoor play parks surrounded by the Kettle Moraine Forest provides your pup with the ultimate outdoor experience. Indoor playroom available for those days that are too hot, cold or just not dog-friendly.

Why Our Day Care Is Different

  • Individual cabin for nap time and relaxation, no crates
  • Small, customized play groups
  • Structured and most importantly safe play
  • Fresh air and every dogs dream day in the forest

Luxury Unleashed

  • Fail-safe comfort
  • Cheerful play time