Cat Boarding


For a Purr-fect Stay

Our Kitty Bungalows are nestled above our office in a cozy, quiet room with lots of natural light.


Single 4-story Room
Day: $30.00
Second guest: $19.99
Third guest: $17.99


Double 4-story Room
Day: $36.99
Second guest: $19.99
Third guest: $17.99

Kitty’s Vacation Bag Check List

Pre-packaged Food

Kitty’s food must be pre-packaged, per meal, in zipock bags or a $10.00 fee will be applied. Canned food can remain in the original container.

Specialty Litter

We do supply litter for your feline family, but some are particular to their own from home.


Rabies, Distemper and Feline Leukemia vaccination papers must be emailed or faxed from your vet prior to arrival (262-965-5751).


Medications & vitamins need to remain in the original container or package, not in food bags.


Favorite, safe toys are welcomed.


For your kitty’s comfort, please leave all blankets, bedding and pillows at home as we supply all of your kitty’s needs. This enables your kitty to have fresh, dry bedding daily.


Please leave bowls and dishes at home. We use our own stainless steel dishes which are washed daily.


Please inform us if your kitty would like a vertical room for more climbing or a horizontal, ground level room.