About Skydance Pet Lodge




About SkyDance

Put away your sighs. Your search for a luxury, all inclusive pet lodge is over. We believe in providing an environment where every pet, regardless of background, breed, size or age, is loved and treated as an individual. Our staff are highly trained to care for your pet’s individual needs. Rest assured that your pet is in the best of hands with our First Aid and CPR certified caretakers, who are highly experienced handling all different behaviors and personalities. You and your pet will see and feel the SkyDance difference. Expansive outdoor play, individual rooms with large window views into the forest, and cozy beds, all for your furry family member. We believe in a straight forward, loving, gentle approach that includes lots of supervised outdoor play time with or without friends. All this free, no extra charge, we’re the all inclusive pet lodge. Give us a call or stop out for a tour, we’d love to welcome you and your pet into the SkyDance Family.

Know that you’re pet is getting the ultimate treatment at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Best Boarding and Grooming 2018 Winner


Meet the Skydance Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Skydance Pet Lodge unique?

“All individualized care to suit your pet’s unique needs”

You’re saying our dog will be playing with other dogs!

“Exactly, but it’s for each owner to decide”

What about our dogs safety?

“Each pup is evaluated for behavior. We have many extra large play yards, one is sure to fill the needs of your pup. Highly trained staff prepared to care for many different temperaments

How long will the dogs be outside?

“Pup will be outside through out the day as much as possible age, health and weather permitting”

So this is just like dog day care.

“Yes it is. The only time pup is apart will be for feeding and sleeping. The next morning is sure to be one more fun day for pup”


All inclusive, cage-free pet boarding.

Day Care

Including individual cabins for nap and break time throughout the day.


Using all natural products, shampoos, and moisturizers.


Services provided by a certified professional dog trainer.